New Year 2019

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Happy New Year 2019!!!

It's a new year, so it must be time to make some resolutions. I've always wanted to write more and publish blog posts about programming and technology. In the past, most of my writing has been developer API docs and code comments. I'd like to expand that writing into other areas, so below I'm making three resolutions that I think will help my writing.


Writing blog posts

My first resolution to help with writing is to commit to publishing a new blog post once a week. I wanted to start this off last month with a series of short posts that went step-by-step to create a web app with Node.js and Express. Unfortunately for the blog series, I spent more time working on another project and wasn't able to get back to finishing the posts. I changed the dates on the posts as a reminder to do the series next year.

Take a look at the build branch of this site's GitHub repository if you want to see drafts of what I'm working on. The blog is created using assemble and will be updated to use assemble's latest features to act as an up-to-date example of creating a blog. Issues, bug fixes, and typo corrects are definitely welcome!

More reading

Another resolution that I'm making is to read more books. I think that reading more will help with understanding how other people writing and how I can improve my own writing.

I read a lot of blog posts, articles, and documentation already, but I want to read more books this year. They can be technical, business, or fiction. To achieve this, I'm going to commit to reading at least one book every two weeks. This way, I'll read at least 26 books this year. I'll also commit to posting what I'm reading and maybe a short review of the book.


My third resolution is to focus on my health more. I believe that eating better and exercising will be beneficial to my physical health, as well as, my mental health. I've been following Nerd Fitness for years and I'll probably sign up for their Nerd Fitness Academy sometime in the next few weeks. When I do this, I'll blog about my experiences with the program and what I find to work and what doesn't work for me.

Next time

That's all for this post. To summarize, I'm kicking off the year by committing to three resolutions to write more blog posts, read more books, and focus more on my health. Stay tuned for my next post on January 11th, 2019 and will have to do with programming or some technology. I have a few ideas that I'm excited to talk about and expand on, so I believe 2019 will be a fun year!