How to Fix a Broken Bone in DayZ: Comprehensive Tutorial

Identifying a broken bone in DayZ

Identifying a broken bone in DayZ

Playing DayZ can be a thrilling experience. You are constantly making decisions that can impact your survival. As you scavenge the post-apocalyptic landscape for food, shelter and supplies, you may come across zombies, hostile players and even wildlife. These dangers can cause injuries, and one of the most common is a broken bone.

A broken bone can significantly impact your character’s mobility and even knock you unconscious. If you suspect that your character has broken a bone, there are a few things to look out for.

Painful Movement

The most obvious sign that a bone is broken is that movement becomes painful. If you are in first person view, you can see this as constant cries of pain coming from your character. Even in third person view, you’ll start to notice that your character is having trouble moving and may be holding a limb or favoring one side of the body.


If you take a severe fall or suffer a critical injury, your character may become unconscious. When you wake up, you may notice that you have a broken bone, which would result in you moving slowly and painfully. In this case, you may need to look for a splint, or find another player to help you out.

X-Ray Icon

Another very obvious indication that your character has a broken bone is the appearance of the X-ray icon on your screen. This icon appears in the lower left corner of your screen, and it’s hard to miss. This icon also shows the affected body part, and it will help you tell which bone you have broken, which will be important when you start to look for a splint.

Visual Cues

Sometimes, you may notice that there are visual cues in the game that can also help you identify a broken bone. For example, as your character moves, you may notice that the body part that has been broken appears to be slightly askew. This is especially noticeable when you’re holding a gun or other object, as your character’s posture will change slightly when the broken bone is exposed.


Finally, you may hear a snapping or cracking sound when your character falls from a height or sustains a blow to a particular body part. This sound indicates that your character has experienced a bone fracture, and it is a clear sign that you need to address the issue or risk dying from infection.

Taking the proper steps to treat a broken bone can make the difference between life and death in DayZ. By knowing the signs of a broken bone, you can act quickly to address the issue and get your character back to a functional state.

Acquiring the necessary medical supplies

First Aid Kit in Dayz

If you’re playing Dayz and you’ve stumbled across a broken bone, getting the necessary medical supplies to fix it may seem a little daunting at first. But fear not, my friend. With some patience and a little bit of scavenging, you’ll be well on your way to a speedy recovery.

The first thing you’ll need is a splint. Splints can be found in hospitals, medical tents, and other medical facilities that are scattered throughout the game’s map. They can also be found in backpacks and other lootable containers. When you find a splint, make sure to keep it in your inventory until you break a bone.

The second thing you’ll need is a morphine auto-injector. Morphine is essential for reducing pain and making the bone-setting process much less uncomfortable. Morphine auto-injectors can be found in some medical facilities, as well as on the bodies of other players who have been killed. If you’re having trouble finding a morphine auto-injector, check the medical supplies of any military bases you come across. Be warned, though – military bases are often heavily guarded, so proceed with caution.

If you can’t find a morphine auto-injector, ibuprofen and codeine tablets can be used as a substitute. While they won’t completely eliminate the pain, they will make it more manageable.

Finally, you’ll need bandages. When you’re setting a broken bone, there’s always a possibility that you’ll reopen the wound. Having a few bandages on hand will allow you to stop any bleeding that may occur. Bandages can be found in medical facilities, as well as in backpacks and other lootable containers.

Once you have all of the necessary medical supplies, it’s time to set your broken bone. First, use the morphine auto-injector to reduce the pain. Next, drag the splint onto the affected limb. Finally, use a bandage to secure the splint in place.

It’s important to note that you won’t be able to use the affected limb until the bone has completely healed. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the severity of the break.

In conclusion, fixing a broken bone in Dayz may seem like a difficult task, but with the right medical supplies and a little bit of patience, it can be done. Remember to keep a splint, morphine auto-injector, and bandages in your inventory at all times, and don’t forget to reduce the pain with a morphine auto-injector before setting the bone.

Administration of the Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies

Broken bones are some of the most debilitating injuries that one can experience. Whether you are fending off zombies in DayZ or simply participating in physical activities that could lead to injuries, the last thing you want is to be limited in your movement. If you find yourself dealing with a broken bone in DayZ, the first thing you should do is look for medical supplies. Administering these medical supplies correctly can make the difference between a quick recovery and prolonged suffering.

When it comes to administering medical supplies for broken bones in DayZ, there are a few key things that need to be done correctly. These include:

1. Stop the Bleeding

First Aid Bleeding

Before you can administer any medical supplies for your broken bones, it’s important to stop any bleeding that might be occurring. This will keep you from losing too much blood and will also help prevent infections from setting in. Use bandages or a piece of cloth to apply direct pressure on the wound. Elevating the limb above the level of the heart can also help slow down bleeding.

2. Immobilize the Limb

First Aid Immobilization

Once the bleeding has stopped, you need to immobilize the limb. This helps to prevent further damage and reduces the pain. Use a splint to immobilize the broken bone. A splint is a hard material (such as wood or metal) that is placed against the limb, and then secured in place using bandages or other materials. The most important thing is to immobilize the limb and make sure the bone ends are not moving.

3. Pain Management

Pain Management

One of the biggest challenges with broken bones is managing the pain. Pain can significantly reduce your quality of life and even cause complications. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to manage the pain. Painkillers such as Morphine, Codeine, or Tramadol can help to alleviate the pain. However, always make sure you are not allergic to the drug before taking it.

Another way to alleviate the pain from broken bones is to use cold therapy. Applying something cold compresses the nerve endings and stops or reduces swelling. Wrap some ice in a piece of cloth and apply it to the affected area. Allow the ice to rest against the limb for about 20 minutes at a time before removing it to warmth. Repeat the process after some time.

4. Healing

Bone Healing Tips

After administering the medical supplies and pain management, the final thing you need to do is let the bone heal. Depending on the severity of the injury, healing time can take a few weeks, to a few months. During the healing process, it is important to keep weight off the injured limb. Use crutches or a wheelchair to help keep you mobile. Finally, ensure you are eating a well-balanced and nutrient-dense diet.

In conclusion, broken bones are a painful and debilitating condition. However, with the right medical supplies, pain management techniques, and proper healing practices, you can quickly recover. Remember always to consult a doctor in cases of severe injuries.

Rest and Recovery

rest and recovery

Breaking a bone in DayZ can be a frustrating and painful experience. However, with the right rest and recovery techniques, you can get back to full health and continue your survival gameplay as soon as possible. In this article, we will explore some practical tips for fixing broken bones in DayZ with a specific focus on rest and recovery.

Rest is essential


The first thing you need to do when you break a bone in DayZ is to rest. This means taking a break from all physical activities and finding a quiet, safe place to rest until your body has had a chance to heal. You should also keep the affected limb immobilized so that it can heal properly. In DayZ, you can immobilize a limb by using a splint. A splint is a medical item that can be found in medical facilities or craft using sticks or wooden planks.

Elevate the affected limb


Another effective strategy for healing a broken bone in DayZ is to elevate the affected limb. This can help reduce swelling and promote blood flow to the area, which can speed up the healing process. If you have an arm or hand injury, you can simply prop it up with some pillows. For a leg or foot injury, you can use a stool or other elevated surface. Remember, it’s important to keep the affected limb immobilized, so don’t move it around too much when you’re trying to elevate it.

Apply ice

applying ice

If you’re experiencing any pain or swelling as a result of your broken bone in DayZ, you can apply some ice to the affected area. Ice can help reduce pain and inflammation, and also promote blood flow to the area. Wrap some ice in a towel or use a cold compress and apply it to the affected area for about 20 minutes at a time, several times a day. Don’t apply ice directly to the skin as this can cause damage.

Proper nutrition and hydration

nutrition and hydration

Finally, it’s important to maintain proper nutrition and hydration while you’re recovering from a broken bone in DayZ. Your body needs adequate nutrients to heal properly, so be sure to eat a balanced diet that includes plenty of protein, vitamins, and minerals. You should also drink plenty of water and other fluids to stay hydrated. Avoid alcohol and sugary drinks, as these can interfere with the healing process and exacerbate inflammation.

By following these tips and taking good care of yourself, you can speed up the healing process and get back to full health in DayZ as soon as possible. Remember to get enough rest, elevate the affected limb, apply ice, and maintain proper nutrition and hydration. With a little patience and self-care, you’ll be back on track in no time at all!

Preventing Future Injuries in DayZ

Preventing Future Injuries in DayZ

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. This holds true in DayZ when it comes to avoiding broken bones. Here are some tips to help prevent future injuries:

1. Be Cautious when Navigating

One of the main causes of broken bones is falling from a height or tripping over obstacles. To prevent this, observe caution when running through buildings or jumping over fences. Always check your surroundings before moving forward, and if you see any hazards, either avoid them or take your time to pass through them carefully.

2. Use Protective Gear

Protective gear helps prevent injuries; it’s that simple. You can find items like helmets, knee pads, and backpacks in DayZ, and they can help mitigate damage when you do endure a fall or blunt force trauma. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of a high-quality helmet for protecting your head.

3. Make Use of Your Inventory Space

Your inventory space can be a lifesaver in DayZ. Always make sure to leave ample space for medical supplies like bandages and morphine. It’s also wise to carry at least one splint or morphine pen with you at all times. Never underestimate the value of being prepared for any situation.

4. Work with Friends

Working with other players can help you avoid many kinds of injuries and infections. When exploring or scavenging for supplies, move in teams. This will not only allow you to cover more ground, but you’ll also have someone watching your back to avoid surprise attacks from the infected or other players. When working with friends, always communicate any hazards or possible dangers before it’s too late.

5. Take Breaks Regularly

It’s important to take breaks in DayZ. Sitting for extended periods or playing for too long without breaks can cause muscle fatigue or strain on your joints. Avoid serious injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome or shoulder strain by taking breaks regularly, stretching and changing positions frequently to help loosen up and alleviate muscular tension.


The above tips will help you avoid injuries in DayZ while you’re exploring and scavenging for supplies. Always remember, safety should always be the top priority! Take precautions and be careful when navigating through buildings, jump over fences, or shield yourself with protective gear. Keep your inventory organized and stay prepared for any conflict or medical emergency.

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