How to Fix “Ohms Too Low” Error on Smok Acro

Understanding Ohms Resistance in Vaping

Understanding Ohms Resistance in Vaping

If you are a seasoned vaper, you probably know that Ohms law and resistance are crucial concepts that go a long way in ensuring an excellent vaping experience. However, if you are new to vaping, comprehending ohms resistance might be a bit challenging. Essentially, ohms resistance refers to the measurement of the electrical resistance of the coil inside your tank or atomizer.

The resistance is measured in Ohms, and any change in resistance affects the quantity of power required for your mod to power the coil. The resistance can go too low, resulting in unpleasant vaping experiences that prompt you to troubleshoot. This article will guide you on how to fix low ohms on Smok Acro effectively.

Typically, you will get low resistance alerts in your mod if the resistance drops below the manufacturer’s preset values, which is usually 0.05 – 0.1 omɣ for regulated mods. Once you notice low resistance alerts, you need to perform a quick ohms check to confirm the reading and detect any discrepancies.

You can fix the Smok Acro’s low ohms challenge by examining various factors that may cause the issue. One of the reasons for the low ohms is a loose screw on the outer hardware that causes the mod to lose the electrical connection between the battery and the coil. When this happens, you need to open the mod and tighten the screw to create a stable electrical connection that fixes the low ohms issue.

Another factor that can lead to the Smok Acro low ohms problem is a dirty 510 connector pin that causes the coil’s electrical connection to malfunction. The dirty pin prevents the mod from reading the correct resistance, triggering low ohms resistance alerts. To fix this issue, you can perform simple preventive maintenance by cleaning the 510 connector pin regularly with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Furthermore, having a bent coil or a coil with incorrect placement can cause Smok Acro low ohms problems as well. A bent or misplaced coil affects the mod’s ability to read the resistance, resulting in low ohms resistance alerts. To fix this issue, you need to examine the coil’s placement and straighten it to fit the right position or reinstall it to the right position.

It is essential to note that using a coil with a lower resistance value than your mod allows can cause the Smok Acro low ohms issue. The lower resistance causes your mod to push more power into the coil than it can handle, resulting in unpleasant vaping experiences. You must always use coils with the recommended resistance value to avoid the mod’s low ohms problem.

In conclusion, understanding ohms resistance in vaping is crucial to ensure a safe and enjoyable vape experience. If you experience Smok Acro low ohms issues, you can fix the problem by examining the loose hardware, the dirty connector pin, the coil’s placement and correcting them or using coils within the recommended values. By doing this, you can enjoy a smooth and satisfying vaping experience each time you use your Smok Acro mod.

Causes of Ohms Too Low in Smok Acro

smok acro ohms too low

Smok Acro is one of the most popular pod systems that provide an exceptional vaping experience to its users. With its sleek design and top-notch features, the Smok Acro has taken the vaping world by storm. However, some vapers may encounter the problem of Ohms too low in their Smok Acro. This issue can cause a lot of frustration and confusion for new vapers. In this article, we will discuss the causes and possible solutions to fix Ohms too low in the Smok Acro.

1. Incorrect Coil Installation

smok acro coil installation

Incorrect coil installation is one of the main causes of Ohms too low in the Smok Acro. In most cases, the vaper may have installed the coil incorrectly or did not tighten it properly. This can cause the coil to come loose, resulting in a low resistance reading. To fix this issue, vapers need to ensure that the coil is properly installed and tightened. They can do this by following the instructions provided by the manufacturer or watching instructional videos on how to install the coil correctly.

2. Worn-Out Coil

worn out coil

The coil is an essential part of any vaping device, including the Smok Acro. Over time, the coil can wear out, leading to a lower resistance reading. Worn-out coils can also produce less vapour and a burnt taste, which can be unpleasant for users. To fix this issue, vapers need to replace the coil regularly, depending on the frequency of use. They should also clean the coil regularly to prevent buildup and extend its lifespan. A new coil can improve the overall vaping experience and help solve the low resistance readings.

3. Damaged Coil

damaged coil

Another common cause of Ohms too low in the Smok Acro is a damaged coil. This can occur when the coil is dropped or mishandled, causing it to break or malfunction. Damaged coils can produce a lower resistance reading, similar to worn-out coils. In this case, vapers need to replace the coil immediately to prevent any hazards, and they can also contact the manufacturer for professional repair or replacement. It is essential to handle the coils with care to prevent any damage that could affect their performance and safety.

4. Vaping at High Wattage

vaping at high wattage

Vaping at high wattage is another reason that can cause Ohms too low in the Smok Acro. Vapers who tend to vape at high wattage may experience this issue due to the increased stress on the coil. The high wattage can cause the coil to heat up excessively, leading to a lower resistance reading. To fix this issue, vapers can try reducing the wattage and monitor the resistance reading to see if it improves. They can adjust the wattage to the recommended range provided by the manufacturer to prevent any damage to the coil and device.

5. Faulty Device

faulty device

In some cases, the Smok Acro device itself may be faulty, leading to a low resistance reading. This can happen due to several reasons, such as manufacturing defects, software errors, or physical damage. Vapers who experience this issue should contact the manufacturer or visit the nearest authorised service centre for repair or replacement. It is crucial to ensure that the device is functioning correctly to prevent any safety hazards and improve the overall vaping experience.

In conclusion, the causes of Ohms too low in the Smok Acro can range from simple coil installation issues to complex device malfunctions. Vapers should be aware of these causes and adopt appropriate solutions to resolve them. Regular maintenance of the device and its components can prevent any issues that can affect its performance and safety.

How to Adjust Coil Placement to Fix Ohms Too Low

Coil Placement Smoke Acro

If you are a vaper, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of your SMOK Acro device displaying an “ohms too low” error when you’re trying to vape. This error occurs when your ohm reading is below the resistance level that your device is capable of reading. It can be a challenge to find the cause of this issue, but one common solution is to adjust your coil placement.

Coil placement refers to the physical location of your coil(s) in relation to the airflow and center post. The location of your coil can affect the ohm reading of your device. If your ohms are reading too low, you’ll want to adjust your coil placement in order to raise your ohm reading within the acceptable range of your device.

Here are three steps to adjusting your coil placement in order to fix the “ohms too low” error on your SMOK Acro device:

Step 1: Remove the Atomizer from the Tank

Removing Atomizer SMOK Acro

The first step is to remove the atomizer from the tank. This can be done by unscrewing it from the base of the tank. Once you’ve removed the atomizer, you’ll be able to access the coil and make adjustments to its placement.

Step 2: Adjust the Coil Placement

Adjusting Coil Placement SMOK Acro

Using a pair of tweezers, carefully adjust the placement of the coil. If the coil is too close to the center post, it can cause the ohms to read too low. Move the coil away from the center post and towards the airflow in order to increase the resistance and raise the ohm reading. You may need to experiment with the coil placement to find the optimal position that achieves the correct ohm reading.

Step 3: Reassemble and Test

Testing SMOK Acro

Once you’ve adjusted the coil placement, reassemble the atomizer and tank. Be sure to tighten all connections securely. Once everything is reassembled, test your SMOK Acro device to ensure that the “ohms too low” error has been resolved. If the error persists, you may need to try some additional troubleshooting steps or consult with a professional.

Overall, adjusting coil placement is a simple yet effective way to fix the “ohms too low” error on your SMOK Acro device. Remember to always be careful when making adjustments to your device and to follow all manufacturer instructions for best results. Happy vaping!

Troubleshooting Techniques for Ohms Too Low Error

smok acro

Smok Acro is one of the most sought-after vaping kits among vaping enthusiasts. But like any other vaping device, it has its own set of issues, such as the “Ohms Too Low” error. When this error occurs, the device will display a message on its screen, indicating that the vape cartridge’s resistance is lower than what the device can handle. In this article, we will discuss some of the troubleshooting techniques to fix the “Ohms Too Low” error.

Check The Vape Cartridge

vape cartridge

The first thing one can do when troubleshooting Smok Acro’s “Ohms Too Low” error is to check the vape cartridge. The error message appears when the device detects that the cartridge has a resistance lower than 0.6ohm or when the cartridge is not correctly connected to the battery.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the vape cartridge is compatible with the battery and that it is correctly installed in the device. One should also check the cartridge’s coil resistance and make sure it is within the recommended range for the battery. If it is not, one should replace the cartridge with one that complies with the battery’s recommended specifications.

Clean The Contacts

smok acro contacts

If the issue persists even after checking the vape cartridge, one should clean the contacts. Contacts are the metal pins located at the base of the vape cartridge and the battery, which allow the current to flow between them.

Over time, the contacts may get dirty or dusty, causing resistance or reducing the electrical connection between the cartridge and the battery. Using a cotton swab, gently clean the contacts with a few drops of alcohol. Before using the device again, ensure that the contacts are completely dry, which avoids short-circuiting the device.

Upgrade The Firmware

vaping device firmware

If the “Ohms Too Low” error occurs immediately after upgrading the firmware, one should downgrade it to the previous version. If that doesn’t work, one can upgrade it to the latest version.

The latest firmware version will likely fix any bugs that may have caused the error. Updating the firmware is straightforward; one should check the manufacturer’s website for any updates available for the model and follow the instructions accordingly. Before doing this, ensure that the device charging capacity is sufficient, and the battery has enough power to complete the update.

Replace Defective Parts

vape kit spare parts

If all troubleshooting techniques fail, one should consider replacing some of Smok Acro’s defective parts. The battery, vape cartridge, or the coil may be damaged, which could trigger the “Ohms Too Low” error message.

If the device is still under warranty, one can check with the manufacturer for a replacement. If not, one can purchase the parts from the manufacturer’s website or a local vape store that stocks parts for the model. When replacing the parts, one should make sure that they are compatible with the device and follow the installation instructions carefully.


Smok Acro is an excellent vaping kit that guarantees a smooth vaping experience. However, like any other electronic device, the device may encounter an “Ohms Too Low” error message. One should not panic when this happens and should follow the above troubleshooting techniques. It is essential to emphasize that one should always observe safety when handling electronic devices and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Expert Tips for Preventing Ohms Too Low in Smok Acro

smok acro

If you are an avid vaper, you know that getting a consistent vaping experience depends on keeping your device in excellent condition. One issue that can affect your vaping experience considerably is low-ohm readings. If you are using the Smok Acro, you might have experienced this challenge. Do not worry, however, as several expert tips can help you prevent this problem and enjoy a better vaping experience. Here are a few tips:

1. Maintain Your Coils Regularly

smok acro coils

The quality and efficiency of the coils you use in your Smok Acro can cause ohms to read too low. Maintaining your coils regularly can prevent this problem from occurring. Replace the coils at the appropriate time, as missed timing can prevent them from working efficiently and lead to wear and tear. Ensure that the coils you are using are suitable for your device, as not all coils can fit into the Acro model. Also, purchase coils from reputable vendors to avoid buying counterfeit products.

2. Check Your Battery

smok acro battery

The batteries you use in your device can also affect the reading of ohms. A low battery can make the coils heat up much faster, reducing the resistance of your device and causing it to read too low. Additionally, be careful about the type of battery you use, as some batteries do not work well with some devices. Check the compatibility of the battery with the Smok Acro and use a battery manufactured by a reputable brand.

3. Use the Right Amount of E-Juice


Filling your tank with the right amount of e-juice can also prevent your Smok Acro from reading too low. Overfilling your tank with e-juice can cause the coil in your device to flood, an issue that could lead to ohms reading too low. Conversely, underfilling the tank may expose the coil, causing it to burn out during vaping, and you may experience dry hits. The solution is to fill the tank with the appropriate amount of e-juice. Avoid overfilling or underfilling the tank to prevent both problems.

4. Avoid Over Tightening Parts

smok acro parts

Over tightening the connectors in your Smok Acro can also cause the device to read ohms too low. This problem typically arises when the user attempts to replace a coil, add e-juice, or change the battery. Over tightening these parts can harm the connectors’ threading, making them unable to efficiently maintain electrical contact and causing a short circuit, which can affect the device’s resistance. Similarly, under tightening the parts may reduce electrical contact and disrupt the vaping experience. The key is to follow the instructions for assembling and disassembling the components of your device to prevent this problem.

5. Clean Your Device Regularly

smok acro cleaning

Cleaning your device regularly can prevent the build-up of dirt, dust, and other types of debris that can obstruct the connectors and affect your vaping experience. Such substances can stick to the connectors in the 510 pin and prevent them from making good contact with the battery. As a result, the coils will not heat efficiently and cause too low ohms reading. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your device will help prevent this problem. Use a damp cloth to wipe away dust and other dirt, especially on the connectors. Also, be sure to clean out any debris that may accumulate on the device’s threads over time.

Vaping with the Smok Acro should be a smooth and enjoyable experience. Regular maintenance of your device, adherence to the basic instructions, and attention to detail can prevent your device from reading low ohms. Following the tips we’ve shared here can help keep your device in excellent condition and give you the optimal vaping experience.

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