How to Retake the Style Quiz on Stitch Fix

Understanding why you want to retake the style quiz


Stitch Fix, an online personal styling service, is designed to provide users with personalized outfits based on their unique preferences and styles. As a Stitch Fix user, retaking the style quiz may become necessary over time, as your fashion needs and preferences change. Therefore, it’s important to understand why you want to retake the style quiz and how it can help enhance your wardrobe choices.

The reasons for retaking the style quiz may vary depending on the individual’s fashion goals. Some reasons may include the need to refine personal style preferences; the need to update wardrobe choices to reflect current fashion trends; or the desire to receive Stitch Fix packages on a more regular basis. Whatever your reason may be, retaking the style quiz can help you attain your fashion goals and ensure that you are satisfied with your outfits overall.

If you are still unsure of why you want to retake the style quiz, here are some specific scenarios where a retake would be beneficial:

You Want to Refine Your Style Preferences

Perhaps you’ve been a Stitch Fix user for a while, and you’ve discovered that your current wardrobe doesn’t quite align with your true fashion sense. Or maybe you simply want to explore different fashion styles that you haven’t tried before. In either case, retaking the style quiz can help refine your style preferences. The quiz uses detailed questions about your body type, lifestyle, and personal style to create a personalized style profile. The more accurate your style profile is, the more likely you’ll receive outfits that you adore. In other words, retaking the style quiz can help align your wardrobe with your true fashion sense.

You Want to Stay Up-to-Date With Current Fashion Trends

If you’re someone who loves to stay updated with the latest fashion trends and always wants to look modern when it comes to your outfit choices, then retaking the style quiz is a great idea. The quiz provides an opportunity to update your style profile to reflect the current fashion trends. So, for example, if you were once a fan of bohemian styles but now want to try out more modern, minimalist looks, then retaking the quiz will provide you with an up-to-date style profile that reflects this new preference.

You Want to Receive Stitch Fix Packages More Often

Stitch Fix packages are sent to users on a schedule determined by their personal preferences and requested interval. If you’re someone who wants to receive these packages more often, retaking the style quiz can help justify more frequent deliveries. Updating your style profile with accurate preferences will help Stitch Fix more effectively cater to your style requests and improve the chances of receiving outfits you love. In turn, this may make more frequent deliveries more appealing to your budget.

Ultimately, whatever your reason may be for retaking the style quiz, know that it’s worth taking the time to ensure that your wardrobe reflects your unique fashion sense. Stitch Fix is a great resource to help you achieve this goal and make sure that you are always looking and feeling your best.

Accessing your Stitch Fix account


Stitch Fix is an online styling service that delivers personalized clothing and accessories to its users’ doorstep. To receive the best possible styles, you begin by taking a quiz, which will consider your preferences, body shape, and lifestyle choices so that they can locate the perfect styles for you. However, sometimes you might not be satisfied with the results you get and would like to retake the quiz to see if different results get generated. Fortunately, Stitch Fix provides a seamless process to repeat the style quiz. Below we guide you on how to access your Stitch Fix account.

1. Visit the Stitch Fix Website

Stitch fix website

To start the process, you need to visit the Stitch Fix website. Open your preferred browser and type: By doing so, you will be directed to their website’s homepage.

2. Sign In

Stitch fix login

The next step you would take is to sign in to your Stitch Fix account. If you haven’t logged in before, look for the “Sign Up” button and set up your account, fill in the required details, and select a password. If you already have an account registered with Stitch Fix, tap the “Sign In” button found in the upper right corner of the homepage, and fill in your details to log in. Supposing you have forgotten your password, tap on “Forgot your password?” and reset your account’s password.

3. Tap “Swipe to Style Quiz” button

Stitch fix quiz

On the Stitch Fix homepage, under the “Your latest Fix,” you will see a “Swipe to Style Quiz” button. Once you’ve connected your account and signed in, you’ll see it. Click or tap “Swipe to Style Quiz” to get started on the quiz section of the page.

4. Respond to All Questions Anew

Stitch fix quiz

If you opted to retake the Stitch Fix quiz, you will have to answer all the questions anew. Do not skip any part of the quiz or try to answer the questions quickly. Take your time to go through each question again and answer with new preferences, select body proportions, and other options once you are done filling in the form, tap the “Update Style Profile” button to complete the process.

5. Await for Next Fix

Stitch fix box

Once you’ve retaken the style quiz, the Stitch Fix professional team of stylists will review your preferences and custom design a new box for you. You should anticipate getting your new box shortly. The items in this fix will be based on your refreshed style profile, so ensure that it mirrors your actual preferences unless you choose to vary your options.

Suppose you’re having trouble with the retaking quiz process, kindly contact the Stitch Fix support team via their relevant channels for help. Ensure that you comment to us about your new experience in the Stitch Fix styling service.

Retaking the quiz step-by-step

Retaking the Stitch Fix Quiz

If you’re a regular Stitch Fix user, you may know that retaking the style quiz is an essential part of the process. It allows you to update your preferences and give your stylist a better understanding of your current style. Here are the step-by-step instructions for how to retake the Stitch Fix style quiz:

Step 1: Log in to your Stitch Fix account

Stitch Fix Login

The first and foremost step is to log in to your Stitch Fix account. You can do so by visiting the Stitch Fix website and entering your email address and password.

Step 2: Click on the “Style Profile” tab

Stitch Fix Style Profile

Once you’ve logged in, click on the “Style Profile” tab. It’s located on the top left-hand corner of your screen.

Step 3: Review your current style profile and make changes

Stitch Fix Quiz

This is where the retaking process starts. Review your current style profile and make changes where necessary. You can update your style preferences, sizes, and budget. If you’ve gained or lost weight or changed your fashion style, it’s essential to adjust your profile accordingly.

When updating your profile, Stitch Fix recommends that you spend some time reviewing fashion blogs and websites to get some inspiration. By doing this, you’ll have a better understanding of your new style preferences and can adjust your profile accordingly.

Don’t forget to submit the changes after reviewing your profile. This will allow your stylist to receive your updated information and take it into account when curating your next Fix.

Step 4: Schedule your next Fix

Stitch Fix Schedule Fix

After updating your style profile, you can schedule your next Fix! By doing so, you’re giving your stylist ample time to understand your preferences and send you the best possible selections. You can either schedule it immediately or wait until you’re ready for your next box of fashion wonders.

Remember, the more feedback you provide, the better your stylist will understand you and your preferences. By taking the time to review and retake the Stitch Fix style quiz, you’re ensuring that every fix you receive is tailored specifically to your style and needs.

Retaking the Stitch Fix style quiz is an essential part of the service and can make all the difference in the clothes you receive. By following these simple steps, you’re on your way to creating a better, more updated style profile and having your best box of Stitch Fix selections yet.

Making note of what you like and dislike

Making note of what you like and dislike on Stitch Fix Style Quiz

If you’re retaking the Stitch Fix style quiz, it’s important to make note of what you like and dislike to ensure that you receive accurate and satisfying results. Here are some tips to help you with this process:

1. Keep a journal

Keep a journal to make notes of style quiz likes and dislikes

Grab a notebook or open a note-taking app on your phone to keep track of what you’re liking and disliking as you go through the quiz. Write down what you’re drawn to and what you’re not, making note of specific colors, patterns, and styles. This will help you better understand your personal preferences when it comes to fashion.

2. Be specific

Be specific when making notes of style quiz likes and dislikes

To get the most accurate results, it’s important to be as specific as possible with your likes and dislikes. Instead of just saying you don’t like dresses, for example, identify the specific things you don’t like about them. Do you dislike the length, the fabric, or the silhouette? The more specific you can be, the better Stitch Fix will be able to understand your preferences.

3. Consider previous boxes

Consider your previous Stitch Fix boxes when making notes of style quiz likes and dislikes

If you’ve received Stitch Fix boxes in the past, take some time to consider the items you received and what you liked and didn’t like about them. Were there any pieces you loved and wore all the time? What about items that didn’t fit or weren’t quite your style? Use these experiences to inform your quiz answers, making note of the things you’d like to see more (or less) of in your future boxes.

4. Don’t be too restrictive

Don't be too restrictive when making notes of style quiz likes and dislikes

While it’s important to be honest about your likes and dislikes, it’s also important to keep an open mind. Don’t be too restrictive in your answers, as this can limit the results that Stitch Fix is able to produce for you. Instead, try to leave room for experimentation and new styles, while still being clear about what you’re ultimately looking for.

5. Take your time

Take your time when making notes of style quiz likes and dislikes

Finally, it’s important to take your time when answering the style quiz questions. Rushing through the quiz can result in inaccurate results and ultimately leave you feeling unsatisfied with the pieces chosen for you. Take a deep breath, relax, and answer each question carefully, making note of your likes and dislikes as you go.

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